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The 'new' Web of Science is now the default interface. Access to 'Classic' Web of Science is still available using the 'Products' menu in the 'New' WoS. Support information and documentation for the ‘Classic’ Web of Science is available at:

Release Notes

Release Notes contain the information you’ll need to keep updated on the latest improvements and additions to Web of Science and InCites platform products.

New WoS Version Release Notes.

For previous New Web of Science release notes please see the full list at:

InCites Platform Release Notes

Training materials for download

A variety of printable training materials (e.g. factsheets) are available for download from the Clarivate website at: http://discover.clarivate.com/WOSG_Librarian_Toolkit#benefits, these are listed under the 'Digital Factsheets' header (scroll down the web page). Please be aware that there may be slight differences/references not available/applicable to the WoS Service for UK Education that we support.

Quick Reference Guides are also available:

Links to additional database quick reference guides can be found at: https://clarivate.com/webofsciencegroup/support/home/. Select the product name to view available guides.

The Clarivate training portal can be found at:http://clarivate.libguides.com/home. This includes links to resource specific lib guides, quick reference cards, online recorded tutorials and librarian toolkits.


WoSEC (Web of Science Enhancement Committee) Presentations - Februrary 2020
PDF - Web of Science Enhancements
PDF - EndNote Enhancements
PDF - Kopernio: Progress and Future Plans
PDF - InCites Platform: Upcoming Enhancements
PDF - Web of Science Group and the REF: Update

Web of Science Training: Delivering World Class Content with Researcher Centric Tools - November/December 2019
PPTX Web of Science Training - November/December 2019 presentation.

Web of Science Update Workshops: Delivering World Class Content with Researcher Centric Tools - June 2019
PDF Web of Science Update Workshops - June 2019 presentation.

WoSEC (Web of Science Enhancement Committee) Presentations - January 2019
PDF - Web of Science
PDF - EndNote
PDF - Research Analytics
PDF - Publons

Previous presentations and training course materials are archived at:

Recorded Webinars / Recorded training sessions.

The current schedule can be found on the: Clarivate training calendar.

Previous webinar recordings.
Date Held Webinar Title Description Recording + Presentation
Wednesday 20 October 2021
(45 mins)
An Introduction to Global University Rankings Globalization of science is becoming increasingly prominent, and the number of nodes and ties in the network has substantially increased over time. Join our webinar to discuss the rise in significance of global university rankings and the history of rankings. We will provide some context to better understand some of the major ranking systems. Playback recording link
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Wednesday 29 September 2021
(45 mins)
Open Access and Research Funding Various funders are actively involved in the field of open access and reflect this in their funding programs. Join our experts to learn how to measure your institution’s alignment with the funders’ Open Science requirements. Playback recording link
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Wednesday 22 September 2021
(45 mins)
Kick off your academic year with the new Web of Science and other essential tools for researchers Whether you’re an early-career or well-established researcher, the suite of Web of Science integrated tools will supercharge your workflow! Learn how to make the most of the brand-new Web of Science platform and start off the year on the right foot. Playback recording link
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Wednesday 8 September 2021
(45 mins)
From Discovery to Publishing with Clarivate This session follows a typical researcher's workflow. From initially discovering what publications there are in a field, analysing their findings, citing them in their own paper and establishing a suitable journal for submission. Playback recording link
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Thursday 1 July 2021
(45 mins)
Journal Citation Reports 2021 Update The new 2021 JCR release due in June will feature the latest refinements and additions to the journal intelligence platform’s existing store of resources. Join our webinar to find out more about how the first of these enhancements will expand the JCR’s coverage of journal literature to reflect the full breadth of research covered in all the journals in the Web of Science Core Collection. Along with its wider coverage, the next JCR release will unveil a new metric, the Journal Citation Indicator, adding more depth, insight and context to the JCR’s range of measures – well beyond a single JIF score. Playback recording link - registration required

Online recorded training sessions.

Full details of the recorded training sessions available can be found at on the Web of Science Group video library at: https://videos.webofsciencegroup.com/. It is also possible to view the available sessions by product group:

When viewing the recorded training please ensure that the speakers on your computer are switched on in order to hear the audio commentary that accompanies the presentation.

Links to individual pre-recorded training sessions that you may find useful are included below.

More information about the additional products available and links to individual product support materials can be found at: https://wok.mimas.ac.uk/about/. All support requests for any of the additional products to which institutions subscribe should be sent to the helpdesk at: webofscience@jisc.ac.uk