Web of Science Service Updates and Clarivate **Free** Webinar Reminder - 8 September: From Discovery to Publishing with Clarivate

Date of news item: 06 September 2021

The new Web of Science featured a release on 2nd September and the following enhancements were applied:

  • Citation alerts now include exact mention
  • Improved Publication Name search and other search aids
  • New “Printable HTML File” export option
  • Export to RIS export option now available in All Databases
  • Export now includes Cited References option
  • Updated Google Scholar full-text links

Full details of the enhancements applied can be found in the release notes at:

Please also find a link to the Clarivate Web of Science Core Collection reference guide:

Reminder: *FREE* Clarivate Webinar - 8 September: From Discovery to Publishing with Clarivate.

We are pleased to advise that Clarivate have made available the following free webinar:

Title: From Discovery to Publishing with Clarivate

This session follows a typical researcher's workflow. From initially discovering what publications there are in a field, analysing their findings, citing them in their own paper and establishing a suitable journal for submission.

  • Wednesday 8 July at 15.00 London (1 hour 30 mins)
  • Register

Should you be unable to attend the webinar on the day, please register and you will receive a recording following the session.

If you aren't based in the UK, you may find a more suitable webinar time scheduled in the Clarivate training calendar at:

There are also On-Demand webinars at: https://clarivate.com/webofsciencegroup/webinars/on-demand-webinars/

Clarivate Future of Research Forum 2021: October 19 - 21

Join Clarivate to discuss the most pressing issues for those who seek to inform and guide research support, execution, evaluation and planning decisions at a global, national, institutional and individual level. The forum will offer attendees the opportunity to share best practices and gain actionable insights for the advancement of research and real-world outcomes.

Further details:https://clarivatefutureresearchforum2021.virtualevent.page/welcome/

Register:https://clarivatefutureresearchforum2021.virtualevent.page/register/ (if you are unable to attend, there is an option to register to access the sessions on-demand)

Please contact Web of Science Service for UK Education Support, email: webofscience@jisc.ac.uk should you have any queries or require support.