'What you need to know about the new Web of Science platform' - **FREE** Webinars

Date of news item: 03 November 2020

We are pleased to advise that, in order to support the introduction of the new Web of Science platform, a number of **FREE** webinars have been scheduled for November. Please find details of the available webinars below, along with further announcement details of the forthcoming introduction of the new WoS platform.


Clarivate are improving the Web of Science to provide you with new ways to accelerate your research in the world’s leading global citation database. The new Web of Science will bring a better and more efficient discovery experience.

With a planned launch for mid-November, the new Web of Science will be accessible as a dual platform and will not be the primary platform for searching. Classic Web of Science will retain its position as the primary search environment well into 2021. We do not envisage switching new Web of Science to be the primary search platform until sometime later in 2021. In this way, users can make the choice to work with classic or new Web of Science for a considerable length of time.

Our Solutions Specialist invite you to attend a webinar in which you will learn about the improvements which deliver a more efficient searching experience.

Webinar Title: What you need to know about the new Web of Science platform.

Our Solutions Specialist will walk you through the improvements and provide you with a general orientation of the new platform including:

  • Faster search engine
  • Improved user experience and improved accessibility
  • Assisted Advanced search
  • Edit query in Results Page and Citation Report
  • Analyse by Publisher
  • Analyse by Open Access
  • Copy query link
  • Search by publication date
  • Search by index date
  • Target search in Abstract, Author Keywords and Keywords Plus
  • Analyse Cited References
  • Quick filters
  • Improved presentation of Author Records

If you aren't based in the UK, you may find a more suitable webinar time scheduled in the Clarivate training calendar at:

Please contact Web of Science Service for UK Education Support, email: webofscience@jisc.ac.uk should you have any queries or require support.