Web of Science Upgrade to Version 5.35 (release 1) and Journal Citation Reports Release 2020 Support Materials.

Date of news item: 01 July 2020

Further to the completion of the upgrade to Web of Science version 5.35 (release 1) on Tuesday 30 June 2020, we are pleased to advise that release notes to support this upgrade are now available at:

Please find a summary of the key features of the release:

  • Improved Alert Management Interface
    • New sorting feature
    • Improved layout, including Rerun Search button being more obvious
  • New Export to Excel output option
    • New easy-to-read email highlighting the most relevant results
  • Improved Email export option
    • For records with DOI, we provide a DOI-based link to the full text for each record in the email output
  • Added direct link to new Web of Science Training Portal

Journal Citation Reports 2020 Release -Support Materials.

Further to the announcement that the JCR 2020 release (2019 JCR data) is now available to subscribing institutions, Clarivate Analytics have made the following support materials available:

Please contact Web of Science Service for UK Education Support, email: webofscience@jisc.ac.uk should you have any queries or require support.