Profiles Not Metrics - **FREE** Clarivate Analytics Webinar- 30th April, 3.00pm BST (London, GMT+01:00).

Date of news item: 28 February 2019

Interested in responsible research management? We are pleased to advise that Clarivate Analytics have organised the following **FREE** webinar: Profile Not Metrics.

Webinar: Profiles Not Metrics

Professor Jonathan Adams, Director at the Institute for Scientific Information, a part of Clarivate Analytics will talk about the recent ISI report “Profiles not metrics.” In its recent Global Research Report, the ISI team drew attention to the information that is lost when data about researchers and their institutions are squeezed into a simplified metric or league table.

In this webinar, Jonathan Adams will draw on this report and look at four familiar types of analysis that can obscure real research when misused and four alternative visualisations that unpack the richer information that lies beneath each headline indicator. These four examples cover profiling of individuals, journals, research groups and institutions.

The ‘Profiles, not metrics’ Global Research Report is available for download at:

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