Web of Science Upgrade to Version 5.29 - Release 3 Notes, & Release of Enhanced 2018 Journal Citation Reports (JCR 2017 data).

Date of news item: 03 July 2018

Further to the completion of the upgrade to Web of Science version 5.29 release 3, on Saturday 30 June 2018, we are pleased to advise that release notes to support this upgrade are now available at:

Additionally, a summary of the new features included in the release of WoS v5.29.3, can be viewed in the ‘Changes to Citation Report and additional navigation updates’ - June 2018 video at:

Release of Enhanced 2018 Journal Citation Reports (JCR 2017 data).

In addition to the availability of the 2017 JCR data, the upgrade features the following enhancements:

  • Re-designed and enhanced journal profile pages: To better understand the content, regions, and institutions that make a journal influential
  • Document-level transparency for the JIF and new indicators: To validate and understand the calculation of the JIF; identify the contribution of different content types to journal citation performance and see the journals and articles that influence journal performance
  • Citation network expansion: Citations to JCR journals now include the contribution of the Book Citation Index
  • New contextual information: The addition of geographical data of authors and a list of top contributing institutions, demonstrates the global community of the publication

Further information at: https://clarivate.com/blog/news/clarivate-analytics-releases-JCR-2018
(Note this is the latest 2017 data).

The following support materials are available:

Please contact Web of Science Service for UK Education Support, email: webofscience@jisc.ac.uk should you have any queries or require support.