Web of Science - Journal and Highly Cited Data (JHCD) replaces legacy version - end of December 2015 - UK Academic Jisc subscribers.

Date of news item: 08 December 2015

Please be advised that all subscribed academic institutions to the Jisc Collections - Web of Science agreements for JCR and ESI should now have access to the new Journal and Highly Cited Data (the module name for Journal Citation Reports - JCR, and Essential Science Indicators - ESI) on the InCites platform. This is prior to the retirement of the legacy version of JCR and ESI expected at the end of December.

Please note:
Access to the new version requires that you are connecting from a registered IP address for authentication, or when signing in using a Thomson Reuters registered personalised email address and password account enabled for 'Remote' roaming access.

Roaming. "A roaming account remains active for 6 months after you register within an authenticated session to Web of Science. - You may reactivate roaming by establishing a new authenticated session." (Generally, this means logging in again from your institution set up with IP address authentication.)

How to access your subscribed InCites™ products:
Journal Citation Reports http://jcr.incites.thomsonreuters.com
Essential Science Indicators http://esi.incites.thomsonreuters.com
InCites - Benchmarking http://incites.thomsonreuters.com

InCites - Research Performance Profiles - Global Comparisons - Institutional Profiles at:

Shibboleth authentication for access requires new set up on the InCites platform, online form at:

Until the end of December 2015, access to the older legacy version of JCR at:
http://webofknowledge.com/JCR and ESI at: http://webofknowledge.com/ESI

If your institution uses a proxy server, please provide these instructions to your server administrator at:

Thomson Reuters have arranged two training sessions:

Please feel free to register to one of these two sessions.

Recorded training sessions and further live training at:

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact Web of Science Service for UK Education Support, webofscience@jisc.ac.uk