June 2013 InCites Introductory training – * Free * UK Regional Courses.

Date of news item: 08 May 2013

Course Title: 'An Introduction to Using Incites to Evaluate Research Performance and Support Submissions for REF 2014'

Mimas, in conjunction with Thomson Reuters are providing a series of free training sessions on InCites at introductory level. Courses have been organised at academic institutions around the UK during June 2013. The course is aimed at library and research staff who have an interest in Research Evaluation using bibliometrics and benchmark data. It includes an overview of InCites and its components, along with how the benchmark data accompanies the underlying standard bibliometric data.

Course materials and format.

This course will combine a mixture of demonstrations and structured hands-on practical sessions, in addition there will be opportunities for attendees to ask questions and provide feedback.

Course dates and venues - all courses 13.00PM - 16.00PM

  • 10-June-13 Monday. Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • 11-June-13 Tuesday. Queen's University Belfast.
  • 12-June-13 Wednesday. King's College London.
  • 13-June-13 Thursday. Newcastle University.
  • 14-June-13 Friday. Glasgow University.

Places can be booked online directly using the WoK booking page at:
or alternatively email Mimas Web of Knowledge Support at: wok@mimas.ac.uk.

Please remember to include the following details:
  • Full name.
  • Institution.
  • Email address.
  • Telephone number.
Please Note: the free ** Mimas Web of Knowledge update and future upgrade** training courses commence on Monday 13 May in Manchester, further information at: