Web of Knowledge v5.9 release.

Date of news item: 23 January 2013.

Recent Enhancements (V5.9, January 2013).

The new release, which went live on Sunday, includes the following new features:

  • Make searching easier with more descriptive error messages when no results are found, when too many results are found, and when searching is in progress.
  • Larger click-able targets in refine panel and full record.
  • Improved Institutional Registry Searching.
  • Make navigation easier particularly via touch pad (on laptop) or touch screen (on tablet such as iPad).


Allow proxy claiming of ResearcherID:

  • Manage your academic reputation more easily by delegating to a proxy.
  • Ensure credit for all your organizationís publications by helping faculty to maintain their ResearcherIDs/ORCIDs.

Full information on all the new upgrade features at: http://wokinfo.com/news/upgrade/.

View a short video at: http://thenewwok.com/new/.

Online presentation of these and all recent enhancements at: https://www.brainshark.com/thomsonscientific/WoS_org_enhanced.

If you require any further information, or wish to report any issues, please contact Mimas Web of Knowledge support at: wok@mimas.ac.uk