Available when searching - Thomson Reuters Book Citation Indexes - 3 Month Trial - Commenced 7 May.

Date of news item: 08 May 2012.

Mimas, at the request of Thomson Reuters, would like to advise that the Book Citation Indexes:

  • Book Citation Index Science (BKCI-S), 2005-present.
  • Book Citation Index Social Sciences and Humanities (BKCI-SSH), 2005-present.

have now been enabled on a three month trial basis from 7 May. Access will be automatically included as part of your institution's Web of Science agreement. For a list of the institutions participating in the trials please check the subscription page at:

Previous BKCI trial news announcement at:

A series of WebEx sessions have been released to support training and education requirements during the trial, these will run alongside the recorded online training session available.

Recorded training:

WebEx sessions:

Rachel Mangan (TR Product Trainer) will be on call during the webinars. End-users as well as librarians may register for these sessions.

  • Monday 14th May 11.30 (Teleconference) - Register
  • Tuesday 15th May 09.30 (Audio with VOIP) - Register
  • Thursday 17th 14.00 (Teleconference) - Register

Thomson Reuters is pleased to also share the following materials to support the Book Citation Index trial. The materials are suitable for all users and help provide a better understanding of this new resource. Please feel free to download and circulate to all relevant users as appropriate.

Book Citation Indexes Factsheet:

Selection essay:

Check the Book List at:

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact the Web of Knowledge support at: wok@mimas.ac.uk