Information regarding Internet Explorer 9 - Web of Knowledge.

Date of news item: 20 May 2011

Please be advised that Thomson Reuters, who own and maintain the databases, do not currently support this browser version for access to WoK.

Thomson Reuters have provided the following response and interim solution:


Currently the Web of Knowledge platform does not support Internet Explorer version 9 browsers. Therefore, in order to view the results using this version of the browser, users need to turn on the compatibility mode. Alternatively, switch to a different browser, such as Firefox 3.5, that is compatible (full details of browsers supported by Thomson Reuters are below).

The users can enable the compatibility mode in IE9 as follows:

  • 1. Click on Tools menu
  • 2. Click on Compatibility View Settings
  • 3. Type '' in the text-box and click on Add.


The issue is with the TR development team, however, at this time they are unable to provide a confirmed time-frame when this browser version would be made compatible with the Web of Knowledge platform and we will update you when this is known.

For added information, the details of the operating system and browsers supported by Thomson Reuters for access to WoK V4.10 (and also the new preview version of WoK V5.2) presently are:

Windows XP or Windows Vista Operating System / Browsers

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer, v7.0 and v8.0
  • Mozilla Firefox, v3.5
Macintosh® OS X 10.5 or 10.6 Operating System / Browsers
  • Safari, v4.0
  • Mozilla Firefox, v3.5

This information can be found in our FAQ at: and also in the application 'What's new' page at:

Please contact Mimas Web of Knowledge Support if you have any queries or feedback regarding the service at: