Book Citation Index - Web of Science - Launch in 2011

Date of news item: 09 December 2010

Mimas at the request of Thomson Reuters are pleased to advise of the launch of the Book Citation Index in 2011.

Please note an explanation of the book selection process is available to download at:

Increasing the visibility of scholarly research.

Web of Science is the world’s leading citation database with multidisciplinary content from nearly 12,000 top tier international and regional journals, over 120,000 conference proceedings, and soon books. It’s this quality and depth of content that sets Web of Science apart from other research databases. Scholarly literature indexed in Web of Science is searchable via Web of Knowledge, the comprehensive research platform of choice for more than 20 million users in 90 countries worldwide.

Accelerating research discovery.

Scholarly books play an important role in research, providing important scientific review in some fields and the latest research for others. More and more, researchers are looking for their information online, so providing access to a robust search and discovery tool that helps them quickly and easily identify the most relevant books is critical.

Identifying top researchers and authors.

Scholarly books indexed in Web of Science can be searchable by millions of global users, allowing researchers to showcase their work to a wider audience. And because they can see who’s citing their work and what other literature is being referenced, they can quickly identify emerging research trends and potential collaborators.

Authors and researchers can:

  • Analyze the citation network between books and the wider world of scholarly research
  • Measure the contribution of books in specific disciplines and identify potential collaborators for expanded research
  • Access more complete social sciences and humanities coverage, as well as, critical coverage in the sciences
  • Identify, assess, and demonstrate the impact of book literature cited and published by top scientists, journals, and centers of excellence

Libraries can:

  • Connect their book collection with a powerful new discovery tool
  • Provide users with expanded options to scholarly content
  • Link to library catalog and ebooks collections

Publishers can:

  • Increase discoverability of their books in a comprehensive and authoritative citation index
  • Analyze citation counts for books from journals, proceedings, and other books
  • Expand awareness of their books to more than 3,800 university and research institutions worldwide