ISI Web of Knowledge: archival resources.

Date of news item: 2 June 2010

At the request of Thomson Reuters, Mimas would like to advise of the archival resources available for ISI Web of Knowledge.

“The following archives are available from Thomson Reuters as a one-off purchase. Pricing is JISC banded and content owned by the institution in perpetuity.

The ISI Web of Knowledge archive enables your institution to:

  • Track research trends, top authors, institutions, and journals, in the Science and Social Science throughout time.
  • Prove the impact of their research findings by citing respected works from the past.
  • Identify how past ideas became the basis for today’s findings.
  • Produce high quality papers that reflect how past work forms the context for today’s knowledge.
  • Learn how and when problems and ideas were first encountered and dealt with.

Extending your ISI Web of Knowledge archive can also enable you to link to your existing full-text archive, increasing usage and reducing cost per sessions.

Database Archival Ranges
Science Citation Index via Web of Science 1900 to 1944, 1945 to 1969
Social Science Citation Index via Web of Science 1926 to 1969, 1956 to 1969
Zoological Records via Web of Knowledge 1898 to date, 1945 to date

Due to JISC investment in the ISI Web of Knowledge archive (from 1970 to date), an institution need not purchase the Web of Knowledge archive from 1970 to date (for Web of Science or for BIOSIS Previews 1969-2008)."

For pricing detail, please contact Jon Stroll, or Emma Swann,

If you require any further information or assistance please contact the Web of Knowledge helpdesk at: