BIOSIS Previews Backfile 1969-2008 now available free of charge.

Date of news item: 24 November 2009

Mimas are pleased to inform you of the notification from JISC Collections regarding the freely available access to BIOSIS Previews Backfile 1969-2008 and subscription information on BIOSIS Previews Current Data 2009-2011.

For institutions that subscribe to the JISC Collections 'Web of Science agreement', The BIOSIS Previews Backfile 1969-2008 is now seen listed on your 'Select a Database' tabbed web page and an 'All Database' search will include results from this database when a search is performed.

Notification from JISC Collections.

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to say that agreements for the BIOSIS Previews Backfile 1969-2008 and BIOSIS Previews current data 2009-2011 are now available at:

The Agreement has two parts:

BIOSIS Previews Backfile 1969-2008

JISC Collections has licensed the BIOSIS Previews Backfile 1969-2008 in perpetuity and this is now freely available to all UK universities, colleges and research councils.

BIOSIS Previews Current Data 2009-2011

In addition, a subscription agreement is available for the current data for the years 2009-2011. Under the terms of this agreement, a 'national fee' has been agreed for each year of BIOSIS Previews data, which when reached will mean all UK universities, colleges and research councils will have perpetual access to that year's data.

The model will allow institutions that do not currently take BIOSIS Previews to access current data at a deeply discounted rate. These subscription fees will be used to discount the fees being paid by current subscribers, thus benefiting all institutions.

Over the course of 2009, we'll be looking at usage and participation as we seek to improve and develop the model.

Access to BIOSIS Previews is available via both the ISI Web of Knowledge and Wolters Kluwer.

On ISI Web of Knowledge institutions can cross-search BIOSIS Previews with Web of Science and other databases available on that platform. In addition, institutions will have free access to the BIOSIS Citation Index when it is released later this year.

Institutions can also choose to have access to BIOSIS Previews via the Ovid platform (please note that there may be an additional platform fee and there is no access to BIOSIS Citation Index via Ovid).

For more information on BIOSIS and to sign up please see:

If you require any further information or assistance please contact the Web of Knowledge helpdesk at: