Searching ISI Web of Knowledge – Widgets, Gadgets – Additional Tools.

Date of news item: 21 October 2009

Mimas are pleased to highlight some ISI Web of Knowledge Tools that may be of interest to our users. These Tools allows a user to conduct a Topic search across the ISI Web of Knowledge and easily perform an 'All Databases search'.

Web Browser search extension.

Preview of Browser search instructions

The search extension allows a user to easily perform an 'All Databases search' directly from their browser's search bar.
(Please note that only FireFox 2 and above and IE 7 and above are supported.)

Internet Explorer at:
Firefox at:

Note – there is also an add–on for Firefox that searches Thomson Reuters' Master Journal List at:

The ISI Web of Knowledge Widget – Desktop.

Preview of sidebar widget instructions
The widget is an icon that users can download directly to their desktop to perform a search of ISI Web of Knowledge. Search terms can be entered directly into the box.

Web Page insert – search box.

Preview of search box instructions
Librarians and administrators can download this search box directly to their librariesí web pages, so that users can take advantage of a more direct search of the resource.

Please note: there will be a check for authentication to access the resource when using these tools.

Additional options.

Other tools and web services that may be of interest can be found on the Thomson Reuters web page at:

If you require any further information please contact the Mimas ISI Web of Knowledge helpdesk at: