Important information about the URL change for ISI Web of Knowledge.

Date of news item: 18 November 2008

Please be advised that there will be a change in the URL used for access to ISI Web of knowledge from: to on 20 November 2008. Note: The new URL will work presently if you wish to test and make changes in advance of this date.

What will a subscribed institution need to do:

  • If you access using the Mimas 'Connect' button on the UK Service web site at:
    Ans: Nothing the change will be managed for you.
  • If you connect using
    Ans: A change will be required to but your users will be re-directed if they use the old URL.
  • For all direct links in library pages that include,
    Ans: Again a change will be required but users will also be re-directed to the new URL.

Please note - this will also affect institutions who access with IP address authentication who use the direct URLs for individual products as listed at:

Please note - the direct URLs for individual resources are not recommended for non IP address authenticated access as this may give rise to issues. These are due to site specific settings, or when different authentication access choices are available at an institution. Changing to different access options requires clearing of cookies and cache.

A Special note for institutions enabled for UK Federated Access - Shibboleth.

Notification from Thomson Reuters: "Shibboleth Service URL is changing on November 20, 2008. Identity Providers should synchronize metadata with the federation to get the new URL information before Nov.20th to avoid a disruption in access to ISI Web of Knowledge and EndNote Web registration."

  • Why is it not possible to offer an automatic re-direct URL?
    Ans: Thomson Reuters are offering an automatic redirect service from the old URL to the new URL, however their testing indicates that this is not fully and reliably supported by Shibboleth, and they are unable to provide any overlap in service (that is, they cannot provide service on both URL's simultaneously - it requires a clean break and switch-over at a predefined time).
  • Institutions using the Mimas WAYFless URL - ('scope' amended for each institution, e.g.
    Ans: Nothing the change will be managed for you by Mimas.

If you require any further information or assistance please contact the Mimas ISI Web of Knowledge helpdesk at: