ISI Web of Knowledge v4.2 Upgrade Sunday 20th April

Date of news item: 18 April 2008

Thomson Scientific will be performing an upgrade to the ISI Web of Knowledge on Sunday, April 20th, which will commence at 8:00am EDT = 1:00pm BST.

ISI Web of Knowledge v4.2 Enhancements

  1. New Web of Science (WoS) Tab in the ISI Web of Knowledge User Interface
    As a response to customer feedback, the Web of Science tab will display by default upon entry to the ISI Web of Knowledge user interface.

    Upon clicking the WoS tab, the Web of Science homepage is displayed with all current functionality is present. Should a user select a database other than WoS, the tab then reflects that selection.
  2. Improvement to ResearcherID Login Procedure
    ResearcherID is a researcher registry and lookup service new to the Web of Knowledge. It allows researchers to register for a unique research ID number, create an updatable profile and search other researchers.

    ResearcherID was introduced to the ISI Web of Knowledge platform in version 4.1. Since then, the sign in process has been improved:
    1. User clicks on "My ResearcherID" link on the WoK portal page in a non-signed into personalisation state.
    2. The system routes user to central sign-in.
    3. The user registers for personalisation or signs in successfully.
    4. The system re-routes user to ResearcherID in second window. *Previously user was re-routed back to Web portal page.
    5. The Work portal page remains in a signed-in state in current window.
    For more on ResearcherID, please see:
  3. Distinct Author Identification System - Unlimited Clustering
    The data feed for DAIS has been optimized to allow unlimited clustering per author. A record limit of 600 records per author was previously set for this feature. In cases in which an author was attributed greater than 600 records, the entire set was suppressed. This is no longer the case.
  4. New Output Format in the Web of Science (BibTex)
    BibTex is a tool and a file format often used to process lists of references within LaTeX documents. The Web of Science now offers BibTex format among its' Quick Output and Marked List Output options.
    For more on BibTex, please see:
  5. Additional Characters Allowable in Password Field
    The "-" and "&" are now among the characters allowable within the password field. The password field occurs on the User Registration Page, the Edit My Information page and on all sign-in pages.
    The changes to the password field will also be introduced for EndNote Web (v2.2) at this time.
  6. New Exclude Functionality in the Refine and Analyze Tools
    Exclude functionality has been added to both the Analyze and Refine tools within the ISI Web of Knowledge.
  7. New Sort Options Available for Refined Fields
    Users can now sort refined fields in alphabetical order:
    1. Run a search, select method for refining and click "more options / values" link.
    2. Select Alphabetical in "Sort these by;" dropdown.
    3. Results appear in alphabetical order
  8. Normalisation of Document types in All Databases Refine
    The various document types found within each product have been mapped to a more general and simplified list. The user may therefore note that the document types listed in Refine have been reduced.

Please note, there may be disruptions to WoK access, including personalisation services and EndNote Web, throughout the day. Apologies to those users that may be affected for any inconvenience experienced as a result.

Enquiries and feedback on any aspect of the service is always welcome. Please contact the helpdesk at: