ISI Web of Knowledge - Next enhancement scheduled for January 27th 2008 - end of Dual access. PLEASE NOTE – now re-scheduled for February 3rd 2008

Date of news item: 10 December 2007

Please find the message below distributed by Mimas, ISI Web of Knowledge Service for UK Education support, at the request of Thomson Scientific.

Forwarded Message from Thomson Scientific.

We hope you've had a chance to use the new version of ISI Web of Knowledge, and that you are helping users at your institution take full advantage of the new interface and its capabilities.

You'll find that although it may look different, ISI Web of Knowledge still delivers the thorough content and powerful tools you've come to rely on, such as Cited Reference Search in Web of Science, and Advanced Search and the Marked List in all databases.

What's new is a simplified interface and streamlined approach that makes accessing and using this content easier than ever. ISI Web of Knowledge offers search, analysis and sharing options that serve the needs of all levels of users - from the novice to the experienced professional.

Another important feature that ISI Web of Knowledge still offers is regular, quarterly enhancements. The next enhancement is scheduled for January 27, 2008, and it will bring some significant changes and additions to the platform: (Please note – now re-scheduled for February 3rd 2008)

Dual Access discontinued
Currently, you have dual access to the new and previous versions of ISI Web of Knowledge. This dual access has been provided so you and your users could become familiar with the new features and functionality while still accessing the older version, and to provide you with time to prepare training and other materials for your users. 
With the scheduled January 27 release, dual access to ISI Web of Knowledge will be discontinued, and all users and institutions will access the new version.  The older version will no longer be available.

The URL will again be
Please note that individual institutions will not be required to update the Web of Science/Knowledge URL within their Library intranet pages (unless you have changed it to go directly, with IP address authentication to WoK 4, presently at ) Saved Searches and Alerts will not be affected by this change.

Electronic version of this message on Thomson Scientific's web site.

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