Schedule information re the New Interface WoK version 4

Date of news item - 17 July 2007

New Interface

Institutions now have the ability to log in to the New interface Web of Knowledge version 4 beta version. Username and passwords have been allocated to each subscribed UK institution. Access to the beta version will be in place until the scheduled official version 4 launch date.

A notification has been issued to all named prime contacts on the JISC Licence agreement. If you are library or support staff and wish to use this preview access please contact the MIMAS WoK helpdesk at:

Feedback about the new interface would be most welcome. The MIMAS WoK feedback form can be found at: or contact the helpdesk at:

Schedule of release

August 19 - Official WoK 4 launch

WoK 3 will be accessed at the current URL at:

WoK 4 will be accessed at a new URL at:

There will be links between the two versions of the interface. Subscribed institutions will have a choice about which version they wish to point to.

Both these links will also be placed on the MIMAS Web of Knowledge Service for UK Education home page at: with login buttons.

Dual access will continue until the end of the year. Following that, WoK 4 will become the primary interface. Dual access will apply to both IP and Token (Athens) users.