Web of Science Frequently Asked Questions

The Web of Science FAQ has been compiled from a number of sources and will be continually updated. If you have any comments or additions, please email your contributions to webofscience@jisc.ac.uk.

Last update: 16 March 2021

Please choose a question from any of the following FAQ sections:

Web of Science Contents

  1. What databases are available?
  2. Are there any additional products?
  3. Is there a Master list of journals covered?
  4. Is there a journal selection process and how do I recommend a journal that is not included?
  5. Is there a conference proceedings selection process and how do I recommend conference proceedings that are not included?
  6. How do I request data changes or corrections?
  7. I am a publisher and would like to check on the status of my journal submission. Who should I contact?

Subscription & Pricing

  1. How does my site sign up?
  2. Is my site eligible?
  3. What is the length of the Agreement?
  4. What is the price structure?
  5. What are the price bands?
  6. Where do I go for further information about the Web of Science Agreement?

Connecting and Access Options

  1. How do people access the Web of Science?
  2. What will happen if authentication isn't verified when I click the Connect button?
  3. How do I request Federated Access to Web of Science for my Institution?
  4. How can I access Web of Science from a mobile device?

Documentation and Training

  1. Is there documentation available?
  2. What sort of material is provided?
  3. What training is offered?


  1. How do I export records and is there an EndNote (Z39.50) connection available?
  2. What browser specifications do I need?
  3. How long can I remain logged on for?
  4. What is "caching"?
  5. How do I clear my cache and/or cookies?
  6. What are the proxy and restrictive outbound web filtering settings required for WoS?
  7. Is it possible to put links on our library web pages to each of the individual WoS products?
  8. What is the SID required when configuring my Institution's Open URL Resolver
  9. What Web Services are available for Web of Science?
  10. When attempting to register for a Web of Science, EndNote, Publons or InCites personal account or requesting a password re-set, why is the verification email delayed or not received?
  11. I have created a Web of Science alert, why am I not receiving alert emails?

Bibliographic Software

  1. How do I use desktop bibliographic software with the Web of Science?
  2. What are the differences between EndNote Basic and Endnote (desktop version).


  1. Does the Web of Science cover supplements?
  2. How can I view the journal lists and Clarivate's selection criteria for inclusion of journals?
  3. How do we request enhancements?
  4. When was author address information captured in the Web of Science databases?
  5. I should have IP authenticated access to WoS, why am I receiving a login prompt when trying to connect?
  6. What are the benefits if I register with the Web of Science
  7. Will I be automatically timed out of the databases?
  8. How do I create RSS feeds for saved searches, citation alerts and TOC?