About the Web of Science Service for UK Education

The Web of Science Service for UK Education provides a single route of access to Clarivate Analytics' products subscribed to by an individual institution.

It includes Web of Science Core Collection; Journal Citation Reports; Current Contents Connect; Derwent Innovations Index and many others. This platform provides a unique way of searching, including the ability to perform an 'All Databases' search on the content of multiple searchable products.

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Subscription and Pricing

Information regarding the subscription options available can be found at:

Links to further Jisc agreements can be found:

For non-UK academic institutions and individual user requests, please contact Clarivate Analytics directly for information on alternative access to their products.

For details of current subscribers to the Web of Science Service for UK Education, please see the current list of licensed institutions.

Within the Web of Science Platform

The basic databases available are:

Web of Science Core Collection

The Web of Science Core Collection databases are:

Web of Science further information.
Web of Science Fact Book.
Web of Science promotional poster.

Additionally, backfiles are available (depending on subscription entitlements), more information.


MEDLINE further information .
MEDLINE factsheet.

Data Citation Index (DCI)

Data Citation Index further information.
Data Citation Index Factbook.


SciELO further information.

Russian Science Citation Index

Russian Science Citation Index further information.

Korean Journal Database

Korean Journal Database further information.


Publons further information.


Kopernio further information.

EndNote Online

EndNote Online further information.
EndNote Online quick reference guide - page 8 details comparisons between the different EndNote versions.

Links to Full Text

The linkage service provides links between Web of Science resources and electronic full text, there is no fee for using the linkage service. Links can be made available for those electronic titles that your institution has access to and where there is a Links agreement in place between Clarivate Analytics and the journal publisher. Further information regarding links to full text can be found at https://clarivate.com/webofsciencegroup/solutions/full-text-links/

To subscribe to this free linkage service or to amend an existing journal set please first check that links agreements are in place between the journal publisher and Clarivate Analytics using the Master Journal List, if there are agreements in place for the titles please forward details to the helpdesk at webofscience@jisc.ac.uk (indicating start and end dates where necessary).

An article describing Links, by Helen Atkins (Director of Database Development) and titled "The ISI® Web of Science® – Links and Electronic Journals: How links work today in the Web of Science, and the challenges posed by electronic journals", was published in the September 1999 issue of D-Lib Magazine.

Holdings Service

The Web of Science Holdings Service (free option) provides three central benefits:

  1. Links to Paper Journals The Holdings Service allows you to link from a certain Web of Science product records e.g. WoS, Conference Proceedings Citation Index, through to your institution's library catalogue. This allows users to locate the paper copy of journals that they cannot access online.
  2. Links through to additional online journals
    Holdings potentially provides a link to electronic journals not currently the subject of an agreement between Clarivate Analytics and the publisher concerned.
  3. Alternative route to electronic journals
    Holdings provides an alternate route to access the electronic version of journals which may be of use to your users.

Institutions are now able to request up to 8 holdings links e.g. to your Institution's OPAC and additionally to other online catalogues such as Copac.

If you would like to subscribe to this free service and you have a web-accessible OPAC that supports ISSN searching, you may be able to query it directly from certain Web of Science products using the holdings service. Please send your search URL (which has the ISSN number within it) to the Web of Science Service for UK Education helpdesk at webofscience@jisc.ac.uk and state which library management system you use. The holdings service will then be set up for you free of charge once all your details have been confirmed.

OpenURL Resolver Option for Web of Science

Institutions have another free option for linking all their electronic resources and services using OpenURL Software, this option extends the linking possibilities beyond scholarly journals and citation databases.

If you require any further information or wish to have this free option enabled for your institution, please contact the Web of Science Service for UK Education helpdesk.

Please note: Links, Holdings and OpenURL Resolver are FREE options.

Additional Products

The following additional products are available dependent on subscription entitlements, more information:

Further details regarding the additional products available can be found at:
Clarivate Analytics Research Management and Analytics Brochure - Research and Management Analytics - solutions for your institution's research management challenges.

Clarivate Analytics Contact Information:

For account enquiries and to request a product trial please contact Clarivate Analytics:

Stephen Smith: Clarivate Analytics Account Manager
Email: stephen.smith@clarivate.com
Telephone: +44 (0)1423 556387 or +44 (0)7990 777335

Andy Neale: Clarivate Analytics Account Manager
Email: andy.neale@clarivate.com
Telephone: +44 (0) 7881 831825

Backfiles for Web of Science

For further information regarding the different Web of Science Backfiles options available please contact Clarivate Analytics using the contact details above.

Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) Backfile

The ESCI Backfile features:

Further information regarding the ESCI Backfile at:

Jisc Agreement:
Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) back file - Perpetual Purchase Agreement

Current Contents Connect (CCC)

CCC is the premier current awareness database that includes information in the fields of science, social science, technology, and arts & humanities. CCC features profile-based alerting that gives users the ability to create and manage a set number of alerts that will run against the Current Contents data. On daily updates (Mon - Fri), the results are automatically forwarded to a specified email address.

Current Contents Connect further information.

Journal and Highly Cited Data (Journal Citation Reports and Essential Science Indicators on the InCites platform).

Journal and Highly Cited Data is the module name for Journal Citation Reports and Essential Science Indicators which are now supported on the InCites platform. This provides a single resource to help institutions make the most informed decisions to support programmes and policies. Journal Citation Reports and Essential Science Indicators on the InCites platform combine to help you easily benchmark and compare your institution's research activities. You'll be able to easily compare individuals, institutions, and publications, plus pinpoint emerging trends and influential researchers, using this new platform.

JHCD Subscription information can be found at:

JCR on the InCites platform further information
ESI on the InCites platform further information
JCR Quick Reference Guide
ESI Quick Reference Guide

Derwent Innovations Index

Web-based resource that allows searching of patent literature from 40 worldwide patent issuing authorities and covers over 14.3 million basic inventions.

DII further information.
DII fact sheet.

BIOSIS Citation Index

The BIOSIS Citation Index contains the literature content from BIOSIS Previews and adds to that fully indexed cited references. The citation counts for items in the BIOSIS Citation Index are sourced not just from items in BIOSIS but also from items in the Web of Science. It contains fully indexed cited references from 2006 for BIOSIS sources, however items published prior to 2006 which overlap with the Web of Science will also contain cited reference data.

BIOSIS Citation Index further information.
BIOSIS Citation Index fact sheet.

Zoological Record

Zoological Record is a database of animal biology with coverage that extends back to 1864. Its scope of coverage represents every area of animal biology from biodiversity and the environment, to taxonomy and veterinary sciences. Zoological Record covers 5,000 serials and other sources of information including books, reports, and meetings.

Zoological Records further information.
Zoological Record Handbook.

CAB Abstracts

CAB Abstracts is a comprehensive source of international research information in agriculture and related applied life science. Updated monthly it provides current, in-depth, coverage of global journal articles, academic books, abstracts, published theses, conference proceedings, bulletins, monographs and technical reports.

CAB Abstracts further information.

Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA)

FSTA provides thorough coverage of pure and applied research in food science, food technology, and food-related human nutrition. There are currently over 1 million records available, covering the complete food manufacturing cycle, from initial market research to final packaging.

FSTA further information.


Inspec, produced by The Institution of Engineering and Technology, is a comprehensive index to literature in physics, electrical/electronic technology, computing, control engineering, information technology, manufacturing, production and mechanical engineering. Updated weekly, Inspec provides data from journals, conferences and other sources including books, reports, dissertations and videos.

Inspec further information.


InCites is a citation-based evaluation tool that enables institutions to conduct analyses on their own researchers and departments and compare them with their peers at other institutions.

InCites further Information.
InCites Benchmarking & Analytics: Learn the Basics.
InCites - Research Management Solutions for Funders.

Chinese Science Citation Database

Thomson Reuters partnered with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to host the Chinese Science Citation Database on the Web of Science. Fully integrated and searchable within Web of Science, this database covers approximately 1,200 top scholarly publications from China, with nearly 2 million records in total.

Chinese Science Citation Database further more information.

EndNote X9 2019-20 Agreement

EndNote X9 is the first version available through Jisc Collections. The X9 software licence allows institutions to not only network the software across campus, but also allow students and academics to install the X9 software on their own devices (new feature) at no extra cost. Institutions need to ensure the software is only made available to Authorised Users.

EndNote 2019-20 Agreement.
EndNote X9 Support Materials.
EndNote X9 and EndNote Online comparison chart - Note: Subscribers to the Web of Science Service or UK Education have access to the enhanched version of EndNote Online which provides additional features.


Web of Science Citation Connection

In addition to Web of Science Primary, Web of Science Citation Connection provides access to a number of specialist collections e.g. Zooloogical Records, Derwent Innovations and Current Contents Connect. More information in the Web of Science Citation Connection Factsheet.

Clarivate Analytics Contact Information:

For further information, account enquiries and to request a product trial please contact Clarivate Analytics:

Stephen Smith: Clarivate Analytics Account Manager
Email: stephen.smith@clarivate.com
Telephone: +44 (0)1423 556387 or +44 (0)7990 777335

Andy Neale: Clarivate Analytics Account Manager
Email: andy.neale@clarivate.com
Telephone: +44 (0) 7881 831825

More information about the Web of Science Group, a Clarivate Analytics company, can be found at: https://clarivate.com/webofsciencegroup/