Upgrade to Endnote Online 10 March 2015

Date of news item: 05 March 2015

Please be advised that Thomson Reuters are releasing an update to Endnote Online on March 10 2015.

There will be no expected downtime or outage to Endnote Online as a result of the update with minimal impact to users. However, please note that because of the update to the user interface, users may be required to clear their cached browser data to ensure they are using the newest interface elements.

For more information on the update including new features please see the following: http://app.info.science.thomsonreuters.biz/e/es.aspx?s=1556&e=1134003&elq=cb5afde9bf834c08ac7aa82d52e30126

You can also find updates to the service on the Endnote status page: http://endnotestatus.tumblr.com/

For those interested in the different versions of EndNote, the current comparison chart can be found at: http://endnote.com/sites/en/files/m/pdf/en-comp-chart.pdf

EndNote Online training at: http://wokinfo.com/training_support/training/endnote-basic/

Full information on all EndNote training information can be found at: http://endnote.com/training

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact Mimas Web of Science Support, wok@mimas.ac.uk