Thomson Reuters Collaborates with DataCite to Expand Discovery of Research Data.

Date of news item: 01 September 2014

Thomson Reuters has announced a collaboration with DataCite, a leading global nonprofit organization dedicated to enabling people to find, share, use, and cite data. The collaboration will promote the discovery of research data sets through the Data Citation Index a single-point solution providing access to quality research data sets from multi-disciplinary repositories around the world.

This collaboration will connect the Data Citation Index to high quality research data from repositories worldwide that work with DataCite. This will ensure that the valuable content that has been made citable by DataCite is globally discoverable, properly attributed and reusable by other researchers. As part of the Web of Science-the premier scientific search and discovery platform and industry authority in science, social science, and arts & humanities citation indexes-inclusion within the Data Citation Index will also further DataCite's mission of increasing acceptance of research data as citable contributions to the scholarly record.


Data Citation Index information:

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