JCD and InCites 2.1 Webinar Sessions - 4 Webinar Sessions - 30th, 31st July.

Date of news item: 15 July 2014

Please be advised of the new scheduled webinars from Thomson Reuters - covering Journal and Highly Cited Data - JCD (the module name for Journal Citation Reports - JCR, and Essential Science Indicators - ESI) on the InCites platform. Incites 2.1 is a significant release and it coincides with the JHCD and JCR 2014 schedule on the 29th July.

(Please note all webinars are UK times). All classes are a duration of 1 hour approximately.

Journal and Highly Cited Data- update on Incites 2.1 platform and 2014 JCR data.

Wednesday 30th July at 10am

Thursday 31st July at 2pm

The webinar will be covering:

Integration of ESI and JCR indicators in Web of Science Core Collection

Incites Essential Science Indicators

  • Overview of Essential Science Indicators production and key capabilities (coverage, citation thresholds,update, journal classification system and research disciplines included)
  • Search for Highly Cited Institutions by discipline
  • Search for Highly Cited Countries by discipline
  • Search for Highly Cited Authors by discipline
  • View highly cited papers and hot papers
  • View rankings for individual institutions
  • View rankings for individual countries
  • View ESI inclusion thresholds
  • View Field/discipline average citation rates
  • View Percentile citation thresholds by discipline and published year
  • Save reports
  • Export reports

Incites Journal Citation Report

  • Overview of Journal Citation Reports key capabilities and metrics
  • Overview of enhanced features of JCR on the Incites platform
  • View category performance indicators
  • Search for journals by WOS Category
  • View individual Journal Information and new metrics and new visualizations
  • View new customizations applied to Journal Rankings
  • View rankings for individual countries
  • Run reports on a customized group of Journals
  • Export Reports
  • Save Reports

New Incites 2.1! - explore organizations, countries, research areas, journals, books and people.

Wednesday 30th July at 2pm

Thursday 31st July at 10am

The webinar will be covering:

Next Generation of analytics- Incites 2.1

  • Overview of Incites 2.1 database production and coverage
  • Overview of preset reports
  • Perform an analysis of institutions using filtering capabilities and rank by a variety of indicators
  • Compare country level research output and impact
  • Analyse researcher performance using Researcher ID identifiers
  • Measure performance of collaborations
  • Create custom selections using 'Pinning' feature
  • Create benchmarks on custom sets
  • Refocus reports to uncover in depth analysis of research performance
  • Customise visualization reporting
  • Create a dashboard of customized reports (Tiles)
  • Drill down to source article data in Web of Science
  • Share, save and export reports/dashboard
  • Feedback and questions

Thomson Reuters Launches Game-Changing Enhancements to its Flagship Research Analytics Platform Providing Unparalleled Scholarly Benchmarking & Analysis. Next generation InCites, with Essential Science Indicators and Journal Citation Reports, available July 2014 and to include this year's Journal Impact Factors.

Full Press release at:

Thomson Reuters Press Release