Concurrency information for the ISI Web of Knowledge Service for UK Education

03 November 2005

We have recently received a number of enquiries regarding concurrency limits for the ISI Web of Knowledge Service for UK Education. Hopefully the following information explains the situation:

At any point in time, there will always be an overall limit on the number of WoK sessions. This is to avoid server overload, e.g. as a result of a system malfunction or malicious attack. The overall capacity is shared out between Institutions according to the predicted demand from each, which is based on previous use (like gas or electricity estimates) and is kept under review. Under normal circumstances it is set high enough to be unnoticed.

However, on occasion a site may hit their limit, for example in October when running extensive training. If a site does hit their limit and experience 'turnaways' they should contact who will also inform Thomson Scientific, who should be able to increase their limit, though this requires overnight processing.

Using the separate training server helps to spread the load, however, some sites need to train using institution-specific features (e.g. OpenURL links).

As a precaution, we suggest sites notify of large forthcoming training sessions (for example where concurrent sessions of 50 or over are expected) and we will alert Thomson Scientific's technical staff.

You can view this information using the Usage Reporting software where turnaways and peak usage are shown. The username and password have been issued to the Primary Contacts as named on the new WoK agreement. Primary contacts are automatically notified when the latest usage figures are available, usually midway through the following month.

If you require any further information or assistance please email the Web of Knowledge helpdesk at: