Access routes from the 1st October 2005

26 September 2005

Please find the following advisory information regarding access to the ISI Web of Knowledge Service for UK Education from the 1st October when the new agreement commences.

From the start date of 1st October users can only log on to the new versions at by clicking on the purple 'Connect ISI Web of Knowledge' button. The red 'Login WoK' button will have been removed. This login button currently displays a'Last Week' message.

If your Institution does not have IP access to WoK the first time a user logs in via this URL from a machine they will see the following message:
"United Kingdom users please follow this link to login (via institution/Athens authentication). If you are having problems accessing ISI Web of Knowledge, please contact ISI Technical Support. (Your IP address is XXX.XX.XXX.XX) Visit our Web site for more information on ISI Web of Knowledge. "

Your users will need to follow the link to login via Athens and they will then see the Athens login screen, once they have successfully logged in a cookie will be stored on their machine, and for subsequent log in from the same machines they will not see the message above again (provided the cookie is not deleted).

  1. If you have IP address authentication you can set up links for your users to go directly to Users will see the message as above if they login outside of the IP address range for your institution.
  2. If you users connect using Athens or Athens DA you may wish to use the following link: which links users directly to the Athens authentication page so they won't see the message above.

However please remember if you wish to set up either of the 2 alternative access routes, users may not be aware of the helpdesk support, user documentation/materials designed specifically for the UK Academic community and any service downtime/news announcements etc. which may be detailed on the service website.

To summarise all the links should work and will link to institution resource entitlements/settings.

To check for your institution subscription and/or if you have IP authenticated access, please see the subscribers list at:

A list of Athens DA sites can be found at:

If you require any further information or assistance please email the Web of Knowledge helpdesk at: