Website Enhancement – 18 August 2005

11 August 2005

MIMAS and Thomson Scientific (TS) would like to take this opportunity to notify institutions of the progress with Transition.

In response to community feedback, MIMAS and TS have been working to make the new service, hosted at the TS Data Centre in Ireland, the 'default' as soon as possible after the 31 July renewal deadline. This is now possible and will be effective from Thursday 18 August 2005.

The basic structure of the web site remains the same, but various usability and accessibility enhancements have been made, including a site map and an accessibility statement regarding compliance.

The URL for the service home remains, though using a new prominent Connect button.

The familiar Red Login button, providing access to the current service hosted at MIMAS, will be removed from 01 October 2005, and sites who have not renewed will no longer have access.

Current Settings/Options for New Version

All your institution's settings have been carried forward to the new version, i.e. for links (full text, Holdings and OpenURL) and authentication choice. Note that saved searches may, and CCC email alerts will, require re-saving within the new service, but new facilities are consequently available.

  • Athens and IP Authentication are supported for the new service.
    (You may need to delete cookies named 'Portal_client_url' & 'TOKEN' from '' to gain access the first time.)
  • COUNTER-compliant, tailorable, online usage statistics are available for each institution – Institutional user accounts are being prepared by TS.
  • New training and support documentation is available – download from the service support page.
  • The 'Train-the-Trainer' sessions around the UK have now been completed – though further free onsite training is also available from TS on request.
  • Free Full-text links to your subscribed journals – see the master links titles list at:
  • Free Holdings links – up to 8 can be enabled, not only a local catalogue but additional ones, e.g. COPAC.
  • Free Open URL links (Context sensitive links) – An institution's own specified button and alt-text are configurable.
  • A new Registration option allows you to change the start page and set default index selections.
  • Searches can be saved locally, as now, or on the TS server, which will allow alerting.
  • A new mailing list MIMAS-WOK@JISCMAIL.AC.UK has been created for all service news and updates. Subscribe at:
    Note: CHEST-WOS@JISCMAIL.AC.UK will close at the end of the present agreement.

The WoK helpdesk at MIMAS will continue to support both the current and new services, and if you have any questions, comments or are interested in enabling any of the new options for links, please email the helpdesk at: