Dual Access Enabled for the ISI WoK Service for UK Education

12 May 2005

Thomson, MIMAS and JISC are pleased to announce the availability of the new version of Web of Knowledge to all institutions eligible for the renewal agreement.
(Refer to http://www.jisc.ac.uk/coll_allbanding.html)

Just go via the link at top right hand side on http://wok.mimas.ac.uk (Authentication is by Athens).

As previously announced: "This will run until 01 October providing users and library staff with the opportunity to become familiar with the new interface before the start of the 2005 autumn term The Web of Knowledge service will then be run directly from Thomson Scientific servers and the MIMAS service switched off. UK users will now have access to the most up-to-date version of Web of Knowledge at all times."

Note that the new service will automatically provide access to the additional Web of Science back-files, purchased by JISC for the whole UK community. This consists of:

  • Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI) 1970–80
  • Social Science Citation Index Expanded (SSCI) 1970–1980
  • Arts & HumanitiesCitation Index (AHCI) 1975–1980

Obviously, sites who had already purchased extended backfile access will have the following years covered: SCI 1945–1980; SSCI 1956–1980; AHCI 1975–1980.

Do test out the new service, which should reflect your existing entitlements and let us know of any discrepancies or questions you or colleagues may have.

Remember also that 'Train the Trainer' sessions for library and support staff, highlighting the key differences between the current and new services are underway at Institutions across the UK. Contact the MIMAS helpdesk or book direct at: http://www.mimas.ac.uk/courses/online_booking.html

Additionally, Thomson Scientific is offering free on-site user training sessions tailored for your institution. Again, contact MIMAS or Chris Powell directly at: christopher.powell@thomson.com.

Links to additional information and materials are available on the transition section of the WoK sites: http://wok.mimas.ac.uk/support/#transition.

If you require any further information or assistance please email the helpdesk.