COUNTER compliant WoK Usage Reporting

18 January 2005

We have received several enquiries to the WoK helpdesk recently regarding the statistics which will be available with the new service. There is now information regarding COUNTER compliant WoK Usage Reporting on the Thomson Scientific site at:

As can be seen from the screen shots linked at:

The information available will include statistics on all searching, e.g. Cross Searches and all additional products.

This is obviously a welcome improvement on the statistics available currently, which are limited to Web of Knowledge logins (via Athens or IP authentication) and Web of Science searches only. We are unable to say how many Cross Searches have been performed, or accesses to JCR or Proceedings by your users. Also please note that additional sessions may not necessarily be recorded if a user does not close the browser between sessions.

If you require any further information or assistance please email the helpdesk.