Recent problems with the ISI Web of Knowledge Service for UK Education

13 January 2005

Unfortunately at the commencement of the New Year 2005 there have been initial problems with the service, MIMAS would like to offer an explanation to users that may have experienced difficulties.

Successful access to the service was unpredictable from the 03/01/05 due to insufficient temporary filestore being available. An error not previously encountered, unpacked raw data creating the lack of disc space and as a result some session log files could not be created, while other users were able to log in successfully.

The matter was resolved at lunchtime on 5th January following work by local Unix support, US-based Thomson ISI staff and calling in a Manchester Computing technical expert. (Please be aware that 5th January was the first working day of 2005 for The University of Manchester.)

Subsequently the next weekly update also needed to be re-loaded as any marking of the new records resulted in it not being possible to download these records from the Marked List. Our thanks go to the keen users of the latest week's data who quickly alerted us to this problem. Indeed thanks to all users that took the time to let us know when we did have problems, it really helps us to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

We can fully understand the recent performance of the service may have resulted in some frustration and would like to apologise for the inconvenience experienced by some users.

The recent trial of the newer versions of the products received positive feedback regarding the new features which will be provided. The availability of the new versions together with the change-over to Thomson Scientific (ISI) hosting the service on a server in Ireland will allow a reaction to increase in demand of users and a compatibility of versions to those available and supported on the Thomson Scientific internet service.

It is planned that the change-over to new versions hosted in Ireland will run in transition with the present service from April 2005.

Please see the updates in the news items and the planned schedule referred to in the minutes of the last WoSEC meeting.

Planned schedule directly located at:

If you require any further information or assistance please email the helpdesk.