NEW: ISI WoK UK Service – Offer IP-Authentication Option

21 October 2003

MIMAS have received formal approval from ISI and JISC to offer sites the option of IP-authentication for their members. Up to now, under the terms of MIMAS' contract to host the service, all access had to be Athens authenticated. However, IP-authentication resolves a number of connection problems reported to MIMAS, most notably, searching via EndNote and Ex Libris' Metalib software. Note, however, that Athens authentication will remain for unrecognised IP addresses.

The facility is being made optional as a site's Athens usage statistics will be affected. Please contact MIMAS if you wish to have IP-authentication enabled for your site. The request should come from an appropriate authority, e.g. the licence signatory or nominated technical contact.

If you have any further questions or feedback regarding the ISI WoK Service for UK Education, please contact the helpdesk.