ISI Web of Knowledge – Status Report – Friday 13th June 2003

16 June 2003

As you will be aware, the preview WoK service, giving access to a generic Web of Science version 5 only, was made available as scheduled at the end of April.

Additional hardware arrived at the end of May but is taking slightly longer to install and configure than anticipated when originally planned last October (n.b. this is the world's first intranet implementation).

MIMAS and ISI in UK and USA are now working on the creation of the full WoK platform, aiming to have the full WoK instance ready during June. So by the end of June the preview service will have been replaced by this full WoK instance - though we will publicise the exact date.

The current live service of Web of Science (version 4.3) will continue to run for approximately one month, to offer a sensible transition period and should be removed at the end of July/ start of August. At which time the URL will be redirected to

This timetable is subject to alteration depending on any problems which may arise with the installation and setting up the application. We will notify you of any changes, but this is the timetable for the next couple of months. Be assured that we are trying to get the service available as soon as we can.

I hope this information is useful, if you have any further questions or queries please contact us at the WoS helpdesk: