ISI Web of Knowledge and Web of Science Version 5 Transitional Phase and Upgrade

08 April 2003

We are delighted to announce the upgrade for the introduction of the new version of the Web of Science and the new Web of Knowledge Platform.

A transitional period has been arranged where both the new version of WoS version 5 (which includes set searching) and WoS 4.3 will be available. This is to allow for a smoother transition and to minimise the need to retrain any students in their final term

Access to the new WoS version 5 will be available to the education community from the 28/04/03.

The two services (WoS 4.3 and WoS version 5) will then run in parallel through the transitional period. The full Web of Knowledge platform is due to be introduced at the end of May. It is planned to remove the Web of Science version 4.3 finally at the end of June. Staff and users will then have had time to familiarise themselves with the new service and the new platform.

We are running training courses on the new services throughout the UK between May and June these are designed for library and IT staff members. The schedule for these courses is as follows:

Cardiff, Cardiff University
06 May 2003
(25 places) Afternoon 1.00pm–4.00pm

Oxford, Oxford University
08 May 2003
(40 places) Afternoon 1.00pm–4.00pm

Manchester, MIMAS Manchester Computing
12 May 2003
(30 places) Afternoon 1.00pm–4.00pm

London, University of Westminster
13 May 2003
(18 places) Morning 10.00am–12.30pm
(18 places) Afternoon 1.30pm–4.00pm

Belfast, Queen's University Belfast
20 May 2003
(30 places) Afternoon 1.00pm–4.00pm

Edinburgh, Edinburgh University
27 May 2003
(28 places – double up) Afternoon 1.00pm–4.00pm

To book a place please email the helpdesk at: or use the MIMAS online booking form at:

If you have any further questions or feedback regarding the ISI WoS Service for UK Education, please contact the helpdesk at: