ISI Web of Science Announcement – Additional Capacity and WoS Version 5

23 August 2002

Additional Hardware Available

Over Summer, additional hardware has been added to support the ISI Web of Science Service at MIMAS. The extra capacity, funded by the JISC, has been introduced to provide 1,200 concurrent users and to improve response at peak times, particularly during the Autumn term. All installation and configuration work has now been completed and the additional capacity will be available from the start of September. The performance of the service, the new kit especially, will be closely monitored.

WoS Version 5

ISI have now released a new version (v5) of the Web of Science application, which includes set searching. They have successfully implemented it on their own servers and are transitioning their customers at present. In light of the short time until the new academic year and the fact that implications for the required server capacity are unconfirmed, it is not feasible to upgrade to WoS v5 before the start of term. The effect on the server needs to be known and the application upgrade (WoS v4.3 to v5) achieved in a controlled manner, with training and support materials provided to the community in good time. A schedule for implementation will be discussed at the forthcoming WoSEC meeting on 22nd October 2002, attended by JIBS, JISC, CHEST, ISI and MIMAS and a statement issued soon after.

If you have any further questions or feedback regarding the ISI WoS Service for UK Education, please contact the helpdesk.