Enhancement to Service – No more IP-recognition

10 August 2001

In response to user feedback, ISI and MIMAS are in the final stages of testing the following enhancement to the service. Testing will be completed before the end of August.

Currently, within the WoS service institutions can only be recognised by IP. This has meant that people cannot take advantage of full-text links or the holdings enquiry facility when off-campus, for example. It is planned to move to each institution being identified via a system-allocated 'token', derived from the Athens institutional identifier, e.g. "man" for the University of Manchester. This will be invisible to the user and no work is required of the institution.

The user can then have access to all institution-specific facilities wherever they are (provided they use a personal Athens account). Note that, in the case of full-text linking, the Publisher may still insist on performing an IP-validated authorisation check when the user seeks to obtain the article.

The use of a 'token' also allows for communication between the ISI products, enabling direct linking between WoS and Current Contents Connect, BIOSIS, etc.

There is also the potential to support optional extensions in the future, e.g. more back years, should they be offered to the community.

If you have any further questions or feedback regarding the ISI WoS Service for UK Education, please contact the helpdesk at: wok@mimas.ac.uk.