Update on the Holdings Option: Have you got it yet?

12 July 2001

Over the last few months the has been an increased interest in the holdings option.

Currently there are 32 institutions signed up for the holdings option. Holdings has been successfully implemented on seven different library management systems. Below I have provided afew frequently asked questions about Holdings and how it can be implemented.

What is Holdings?

Holdings is the name of a service which the Web of Science provides free to its UK subscribers.

What does it do?

It provides three central benefits:

  1. Links to Paper Journals: The Holdings Service allows you to link from a Web of Science record through to your institution's library catalogue.This allows users to locate the paper copy of journals that they cannot access online.
  2. Links through to additional online journals: Holdings potentially provides a link to electrnic journals not currently the subject of an agreement between ISI and the publisher concerned.
  3. Alternative route to electronic journals: Holdings provides an alternate route to access the electronic version of journals which may be of use to your users.

If you want to subscribe to this service and if you have a web-accessible OPAC that supports ISSN searching, you may be able to query it directly from the Web of Science using the holdings service.

How do I get it?

You need to email us your search string which contains an ISSN. Below I have provided examples from each of the library management systems which successfully implemented holdings:

DDE (Dansk Data Elektronik)














What happens then?

When you email us your search string it is added into our IP Administrator software which connects your search string to the ISSN being searched in WOS. This in turn allows users to link back to your OPAC whilst searching for the ISSN. Once the search string is in place the holdings button is enabled. This will appear in the right hand corner of the the full record.

An example of this button can be viewed here:

Holdings button

If you have any further questions or feedback regarding the ISI WoK Service for UK Education, please contact the helpdesk.