ISI Web of Science Service is now available

03 September 1999

MIMAS, in association with ISI and CHEST, is delighted to announce that the ISI Web of Science Service is now available at

Subscribing sites now have access to the Science Citation Index expanded, Social Science Index and Arts and Humanities Index from 1981 to the present covering over 9,000 scholarly research journals including author abstracts, and over 18,000 article sources.

(CAVEAT:The service is as planned, including ATHENS authentication, with one exception. Access will be restricted to the "" domain until some remaining problems are resolved. It is anticiapted that these problems will have been resolved by the end of September. THIS RESTRICTION NO LONGER APPLIES)

ISI have issued the following statement:

"There has been a delay in the integration and build of the Web of Science database which in turn has delayed the start date to this historic service to the UK Higher Education community.
ISI regrets and apologises for this unexpected delay but stresses that the quality and features of the service, which will cover over 21,000 new records per week, should not be compromised."

You are reminded that in order to be licensed to use this service your institution must have completed the formal documentation which is available at:

This requirement applies equally to sites which are currently licensed for ISI through the BIDS service.

If you have any further questions or feedback regarding the ISI WoK Service for UK Education, please contact the helpdesk at: